Neighbourly: Get your Neighborhood questions, Answered

June 22, 2018 by Tech Recode

"Google launches a beta of Neighbourly."

Alphabet Inc.'s Google released a beta version of Neighbourly, an app to answer your questions. It is supposed to be a quick guide through which people will be sharing tips, tricks, shortcuts, and recommendations. It is built to make people communicate within their neighborhoods to solve each other’s problems without sharing any personally identifiable information. Besides, it is introduced with an aim to organise information and make it more accessible to all the people.

The app allows users to ask and answer questions. Google claims that this app is built to ask questions that people normally ask their neighbors. That's why it is called Neighbourly.

It looks like Google’s Neighbourly app is a quicker version of Quora, a platform where people ask and answer questions. Since the company has said that this app is made to ask and answer questions within in your neighborhood, it will be interesting to see its results and popularity. According to a report, the app is only available on Android devices and only to residents of Mumbai, India. The app supports English and 8 Indian languages.

How to Use Neighbourly?
• Download it from the Google Play Store.
• Once installed, sign-in using your Google account.
• Hit allow for local permission and geo-location services.
• Accept the terms and conditions.
• Icon on left: profile info.
• Icon on right: notifications.
• Swipe left or right to read the questions asked by users.
• Tap on any card to view all the answers to a questions.
• + icon allows you to ask a questions.
• The app also supports voice input method to ask questions.

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