10 game-changing Announcements at Apple's annual WWDC, 2018

June 21, 2018 by Tech Recode

Apple's annual Worldwide Developers Conference 2018 began on Monday, June 4 to showcase the next versions of its iOS, macOS, watchOS, tvOS, Siri, and much more. Here are the 10 biggest highlights from WWDC 2018.

1. With Apple's new iOS 12, the apps will launch 40% faster, and you will be able to take photos 70% faster. Currently, 81% of Apple devices are on the latest version of iOS, that is iOS 11. By this said, the new iOS 12 is 100% compatible with devices that run iOS 11.

2. A new app, Measure, is introduced that lets you measure distance and length using your iPhone's camera.

3. Apple’s CarPlay will now support third-party navigation apps such as Google Maps.

4. iOS 12 will now "group" notifications as per apps and topics. This update to notification center will let you group notifications by app, topic, or thread. It is supposed to make life easier and more organized. Also, you will be able to set priority for apps to send you notifications at first place.

5. The next iOS version will offer insights on how you use your iOS device. Apple is introducing a new feature to iOS 12 that will let you set app limits for managing time on your devices. With this, you can set limits on apps such as Facebook, Snapchat, etc. to spend a specific time. For example, you can choose to spend only an hour a day on Facebook.

6. Apple is introducing Memoji which will let you create a personalized Animoji. It’s a big hit to Bitmoji.

7. Apple’s Message app in iOS 12 will let you use it more like Facebook Messenger and Snapchat. The camera function within Message app will let you add filters, text, and stickers.

8. With Apple’s new FaceTime, you will be able to apply filters, stickers, Animoji, and Memoji to your video calls.

9. The new macOS, Mojave (coming later this year), will let you use a true dark mode that applies to its entire system. Also, there is dynamic desktop along with desktop stacks which automatically groups desktop contents. Besides, the Finder app now comes with a new Gallery view and apps on Mac devices will be more secure and private.

10. The watchOS 5 is announced and it will bring Siri shortcuts that is there on iOS 12. Also, watchOS 5 will make notification more interactive and is also going to support some sort of web content. Moreover, the new watchOS 5 introduces a new app, Walkie-Talkie, through which you can send short voice messages. Besides, the new watchOS 5 will let students to add their student ID card to their Apple Watch to access various services in college campus. For now, it’s going to be introduced in seven universities, including Duke University.

Other Announcements
• New Pride edition watch face and band.
• Apple TV business has grown over 50% since its introduction.
• Apple TV 4K gets Dolby Atmos support.
• Safari is getting additional security.
• watchOS 5 will measure 'Yoga' sessions more accurately.
Do not disturb during bed time.
• iOS 12 brings Voice Memo to iPad.

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